Effective Stress Management Techniques for Lawyers

Successful tools and methods to help busy lawyers combat stress in ways that are realistic in today’s legal world.

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It is well documented that stress is epidemic in the legal profession. Does this have to be the case? Or do firms that address stress have not only happier staff, but greater profitability?

Effective Stress Management Techniques for Lawyers features real-life examples from leading firms (Herbert Smith, Denton Wilde Sapte, Eversheds) demonstrating the measures they are currently implementing to tackle stress and improve performance within their lawyers.

The report reveals the results they are achieving, and provides valuable insight, tools and techniques that can be applied immediately within your own firm to reduce stress, increase productivity and ultimately boost profitability.

Key topics covered include:

  • The main causes of stress;
  • Key triggers, types and symptoms of stressors specific to the lawyer personality;
  • The pressures affecting lawyers at different career stages;
  • Environmental and psychological factors that exacerbate stress in lawyers;
  • Effective tools and methods to identify and combat stress;
  • Time management; setting boundaries and work-life balance;
  • Using legal training and skills to combat pressure and anxiety;
  • And much more…

Genuine accounts from a range of lawyers – from trainees to managing partners – also reveal the common pitfalls and successes of those who have mastered stress at different levels and become more successful and effective as a result.


Chapter 1: The state of the profession

Chapter 2: What is stress?

Chapter 3: Causes of stress

Chapter 4: Manage your thinking

Chapter 5: Manage your environment

Chapter 6: Changing our culture

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Catrin Mills
Coach (stress and time management skills for the legal profession), The Lawyer Coach.

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