Gaining Buy-in for KM

This report presents advice and practical examples to help KM practitioners

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  • Publication date: August, 2014
  • Pages: 84
  • ISBN: 9781783581511


Most organisations recognise the potential value of knowledge management (KM) and have teams who effectively manage their KM strategy. However, effective KM is not something that can be achieved by a single team.

Gaining commitment to KM is crucial for businesses who wish to harness the intellectual capital within their teams and in the organisation as a whole. The best way of achieving KM success is through the development of a solid KM culture with a top-down leadership style where there is a visible value and importance placed on KM initiatives, and through winning support for KM objectives from other employees within the organisation. A KM strategy that is both tied to overall business strategy and supported by employees throughout the organisation will be more successful and sustainable.

This report will provide you with:

  • Advice and practical examples from a number of KM experts and practitioners who share their knowledge and experiences in this area
  • The ability to identify the steps needed in order to improve the chances of obtaining buy-in for KM projects
  • The business rationale for investing time and money in knowledge management
  • Ways to improve the perception of KM in your organisation and respect for knowledge workers
  • Practical steps for building successful knowledge management processes


Chapter 1: Trends in KM

Chapter 2: Obtaining support for KM: The ten commitments

Chapter 3: Knowledge accountability drives knowledge management success

Chapter 4: Making the business case for ECM

Chapter 5: Gaining buy-in for KM

Chapter 6: From concept to business as usual: from buy-in to ownership

Chapter 7: No pain and a lot to gain.

Chapter 8: The rise and fall of exemplary practice in government

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Nick Milton
Director at Knoco Ltd
Stan Garfield
Knowledge Management Author, Speaker, and Community Leader
Bill Kaplan
Founder, Working KnowledgeCSP
Ian Fry
Knowledge Management consultant, Knoco Australia Pty Ltd
Keith Power
Writer, editor, and tutor
Michel J. Boustani
Expert in instructional design – strategic design thinking and knowledge management implementation
Gavin Ireland
Knowledge Manager at Sky IQ
Ana Neves
Founder and CEO of Knowman
Simon Yelsky
Vice resident, Product Management and Marketing, RightAnswers
Paul McDowall
Senior knowledge and change management advisor, Know How Works

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