Generation Shift: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining the Millennial Lawyer

How can you recruit and retain talent from the millennial generation and invest in the future of your law firm?

This guide provides practical knowledge on how to embrace the goals, expectations and ambitions of today's millennials so that your firm can continue to prosper in an ever-challenging and evolving legal market.

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Could you benefit from knowing how to engage the millennial generation and invest in their loyalty towards your firm?

As the baby boomers near retirement, Gen Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) and also known as the millennial generation, are now starting to lead themselves.

What's more, by 2020 this generation will make up 50% of the world's workforce. This is a staggering statistic. This essentially means that your firm's future lies in your ability to attract and retain lawyers from this vast pool of talent, right now. 

Could you be doing more?

Millennials have been labelled 'entitled', 'work adverse' and 'disloyal' by older generations for their tendency to rate work-life balance over financial compensation, and job mobility over staying on the partner track. A recent report by The Law Society has even concluded that millennial mobility is an emerging risk, and employers will be challenged to hang on to young legal talent.

But law firms must embrace the goals, ambitions and expectations of the millennial generation or risk losing valuable talent to the competition. With greater responsibility resting on heads of departments, law firm leaders must consciously and proactively develop team cohesion. And this means recognising and adapting to generational differences.

Uncover the motivating factors of Gen Y

Recruiting, Managing and Retaining the Millennial Lawyer is a guide that will help you recruit and retain the very best legal talent from the millennial generation. It contains a number of articles from lawyers and experts and is designed to examine the motivating factors of this new generation of lawyers and outlines how firms can adapt accordingly.

BLOG: Law Firms Must Change to Retain Millennial Talent

BLOG: 3 Surprises About Millennial Women (And Why This is Good News for Organisational Leaders)

Q&A: Millennials: How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Power Generation at Your Firm


Executive summary

Retention is better than cure: Key tips on retaining Gen Y talent

  • Why is it an important issue for law firms?
  • What motivates Gen Y?
  • How do you ensure that Gen Y feel fulfilled and motivated in their role?
  • The power of social media
  • Conclusion

Millennial engagement and workplace culture

  • The legal sector and its various members must do better in articulating the benefits of law as both a career and calling
  • There are cultural and economic benefits to articulating law firms’ social contributions to society
  • Millennials remain interested in the partner track, but are less willing to dedicate the hours
  • Embrace innovation in work structure and technology

What Gen Y wants: How law firms can get the best from the new power generation

  • Migrators
  • Digital Natives
  • Trophy Kids
  • Change isn’t easy. It also isn’t optional.

How your firm can embrace the millennial generation’s ways of learning

  • Learning in harmony
  • Putting digital learning to work
  • The way ahead
  • Realizing possibilities

Gamified learning: How gamification can increase Gen-Y engagement with grunt work

  • Games in business
  • 1. Feedback
  • 2. Interest and meaning
  • 3. Relationship
  • 4. Autonomy and learning
  • 5. Compensation and rewards
  • Millennial benefits

Generating leaders: Why you should embrace the priorities of Gen Y

  • Inter-generational expectations
  • Grooming future leaders
  • Identifying partners early on

Leaders of tomorrow: How millennials will drive change in law firms

Advancing the next generation of women leaders in the legal profession

  • The current landscape: “The female lawyer exodus”
  • The cost of attrition: Financial and client loss
  • What women want
  • The path forward: Understanding and addressing attrition

Understanding generational differences in the workplace

  • 1. The veterans
  • 2. The baby boomers
  • 3. Gen X
  • 4. Gen Y
  • Developing a cross-generational perspective

GENgagement™ with work, the firm, and across generations

  • Focus on the business case
  • Focus on an engaging culture
  • Recommended policies and practices

The Push Me, Pull You: Where the generations meet

  • Can you bring change to a profession that is built on tradition? Enter the “Push Me, Pull You”
  • The millennials – Pulling law firms forward
  • What drives the millennials? What do they want?
  • Have law firms figured this out? Absolutely not.
  • Getting to change: Enter the baby boomers pushing from behind
  • Good beginning, but what’s next? 
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