Growth Strategies for the Modern Law Firm

Growth is an imperative for any successful business. Law firms facing rising costs, pricing pressure, and the need to invest in staff, resources, and service delivery are finding that growth is not as easy to achieve as formerly, and that market share must be wrestled from the competition. 

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Since the economic downturn law firms that once saw growth as easy and inevitable are finding that the only way to achieve this is now to wrest market share from the competition. There is no one "right" way to do this; some firms have opted for a determined policy of buying market share and recruiting lateral talent, while others rely on more organic growth.

With contributions from a wide range of thought leaders and industry experts, Growth Strategies for the Modern Law Firm provides advice on a number growth options available, and shares practical guidance designed to help firm leaders to formulate and implement a profitable, sustainable growth strategy.

Topics covered include:

  • Aligning strategy, culture, and performance management with a growth agenda
  • Utilizing a key relationship management program to retain and grow clients and referral sources
  • Implementing listening programs to better serve clients, and create a platform for differentiation and growth
  • Making cross-selling a cornerstone of growth strategies and firm culture
  • Critical success factors that enable lateral hiring to be a key to client growth
  • Creativity and innovations impact on growth strategies for legal departments
  • Systematic programs for lawyer business development
  • Organic growth strategies through focusing practice specialties
  • Holistic approaches to improving client experience that drives client growth
  • and much more...


Part 1: Insight and Practice

  • Chapter 1: Aligning strategy, culture, and performance management with a growth agenda.
  • Chapter 2: Designing a key relationship program – Getting started and process overview
  • Chapter 3: Let your clients be the guide to your strategic success
  • Chapter 4: Crafting a cross-selling culture shift – An eight-phased approach
  • Chapter 5: Lateral hiring can be key to client growth – If you do it right
  • Chapter 6: Why creativity and innovation are the key to value enhancement for legal departments

Part 2: Case Studies

  • Case study 1: Fast forward – Driving top-line revenue for your law firm
  • Case study 2: Stewarts Law’s organic growth strategy
  • Case study 3: The LP Way – A revenue growth strategy




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Ian Turvill
Chief Marketing Officer, Freeborn & Peters LLP
Angela Hickey
Executive Director, Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC
John Cahill
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Stewarts Law
Jill Weber
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stinson Leonard Street
Deepa Tharmaraj
Deepa Tharmaraj is a legal director for Dell for Middle East and Turkey, a leading consumer and enterprise technology solutions provider. In this role, with senior level experience, she leads legal support for the business, ensuring cost effective and practical legal solutions across different functions and business units. She also serves as the global lead of the “Mosaic” Employee Resource Group at Dell, an organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness and development of culturally intelligent talent, with a focus on community involvement to grow initiatives focused on marginalized communities. Prior to this role, Deepa was a senior legal counsel at British Telecoms in London and was involved in roles connected to intellectual property, technology transfer and IP product development and procurement. She also supports the Association of Corporate Counsel (GCC chapter) and sits on various judging panels for innovation awards. Deepa speaks and writes about innovation, including mentoring and encouraging the next generation lawyers, to improve their ability to optimize their innovative attributes. In her free time, she is engaged in various initiatives to mentor and coach the under-privileged.
Susan Pettit
Founder and Managing Director, Client Central
David H. Freeman
Chief Executive Officer of David Freeman Consulting Group
Robert Pay
Global Services Business Development Director Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC
Andrew Hedley
Director, Hedley Consulting Ltd

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