The Lawyer's Guide to Strategic Practice Management (2nd edition)

This new and updated edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Strategic Practice Management provides law firm leaders with the very latest guidance and market knowledge on how to improve and refine current management strategies in order to thrive and compete in today's legal marketplace.

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Could you benefit from expert guidance on how to stay competitive and streamlined in a legal marketplace that is increasingly competitive?

Law firms are finding it harder to adapt quickly to a legal landscape that is constantly evolving. That's why it's imperative for law firm leaders to recognise and respond to this change in order to stay competitive.

While the economy has improved, key challenges from the recession remain. Clients are more demanding, reducing cost is as important as it ever was, and firms realise that operational efficiency is crucial to gaining small but important margins. In this market, those small margins can be game-changers for large and small firm alike.

This new and updated edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Strategic Practice Management equips law firm leaders with the very latest guidance and market knowledge on how to improve and refine current management strategies in order to thrive and compete in today's legal marketplace.

From the latest developments in technology and AI, how to improve your firm's coverage on LinkedIn to increasing motivation to act on cross-selling opportunities, this guide is an amalgamation of guidance from the most talked-about thought leaders in the legal sphere.

The second edition contains 6 new sections all complete with new chapters for this edition, covering: law firm strategy; market and client development; people and talent management; finance and pricing; optimisation and technology; and legal skills and business development.

Key features of this updated guide

  • 33 chapters covering six key areas of law firm management
  • Contains valuable material such as diagnostic questionnaires, how-to guides, case studies and action-planning worksheets

Hear from a range of thought leaders and experts in the law firm management sphere including:

  • Viv Williams (CEO of 360 Legal Group)
  • Patrick J. McKenna (strategist and advisor to premier law firms)
  • Chrissie Lightfoot (CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd)
  • Geoff Coughlin (co-founder of Emphasis on Skills Ltd)

Order your copy of this guide to:

  • Review revenue and profit models, profitability strategies and law firm profit drivers
  • Examine the various alternatives to the traditional billing hour
  • Measure and manage the performance of your lawyers
  • Find market niches and develop individual business development strategies
  • Learn about the adoption of client listening programmes
  • Use big data for billing and cost and forecasting analysis
  • Build the business case for legal project management
  • Improve client and staff communication, connectivity and collaboration strategies

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Chapter 1: Defining your strategy

Chapter 2: Introduction to the strategic planning process

Chapter 3: Seeing the future first – Analysing strategic trends

Chapter 4: Why law firms might consider a merger as a strategic option

Chapter 5: Building a culture of innovation in legal services

Chapter 6: Horizon scanning to identify and capitalise on new growth

Chapter 7: Finding niches and developing your strategy

Chapter 8: Increase motivation to act on cross-serving

Chapter 9: Does your firm need a key relationship program?

Chapter 10: Competing via culture – How to give clients a true one-firm global service

Chapter 11: Unlocking value through close collaboration with outside counsel

Chapter 12: Getting inclusive about inclusion – A talent management strategy

Chapter 13: Compensation systems – Integrating partner incentives with firm goals

Chapter 14: Measuring and managing the performance of your people

Chapter 15: The future roles of partners and leaders

Chapter 16: Law firm leadership development – The practice group path to law firm leadership

Chapter 17: When firm leaders transition

Chapter 18: What Gen Y wants – How law firms can get the best from the new power generation

Chapter 19: Establishing appropriate cash and lockup profiles for teams and departments

Chapter 20: Practical strategies to improving cash flow – Partners and communication

Chapter 21: Alternatives to the billable hour

Chapter 22: Developing the right pricing model based on data

Chapter 23: The challenge to optimise

Chapter 24: An introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

Chapter 25: Technology

Chapter 26: Fusion = innovation – How to align your firm's IT and business strategies

Chapter 27: Projecting success – Get more value out of your law firm's IT investments

Chapter 28: Robot law

Chapter 29: The future of law in the age of robot lawyers and blockchain technology

Chapter 30: Pitch team and planning

Chapter 31: Practical advice on building a social law firm

Chapter 32: How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get found by your ideal client

Chapter 33: Managing your interview – Essential communication skills


Viv Williams
Chief Executive Officer of 360 Legal Group
John Sterling
Co-founder and partner at Smock Sterling Strategic
Patrick J. McKenna
Author, lecturer, strategist and advisor to the leaders of premier law firms
David H. Freeman
Chief Executive Officer of David Freeman Consulting Group
Chrissie Lightfoot
CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer Limited
Robert Pay
Global Services Business Development Director Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC
Patrick J Lamb
Co-founder, Valorem Law Group LLC