Making Every Six Minutes Count

Increase productivity, achieve greater success, manage work/life balance and improve profitability through effective time management

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Time is a lawyer's commodity.  Or rather, it is how most lawyers quantify their expertise.

How successful you are as a lawyer depends fundamentally on how you use your time and there is a direct correlation between how much value you can extract from your time and your profitability.

Most lawyers must record how they spend their time on a daily basis and regularly have to justify their use of time to clients, the court, or their employers.

Making Every Six Minutes Count explains why lawyers should look more objectively at how they spend their time and how principles of time management can make an enormous difference in a profession which is now at its most stressful and intensive.  The more efficiently and effectively you use your time, the more successful your practice will be.

Topics Covered in this report include:

  • Defining time management and in turn self-management;
  • Why time management is a small investment for a big return;
  • Effective working environments and how they are conducive to better time management;
  • Streamlining office functions to enable more focus on critical work;
  • Efficient planning of working hours;
  • The differences between 'time management' and 'time leadership;'
  • Prioritizing tasks and dealing with overwhelm;
  • Delegation as the single most effective way to instantly get more time;
  • Practical tips on how to recognize and overcome procrastination habits;
  • The impact of communication and managing interruptions;
  • Work life balance and why it is so elusive for lawyers;
  • Managing clients more proactively to provide a more efficient and effective service;
  • Finding time for business development and networking;
  • Stress Management for Lawyers; and
  • The impact of time management on personal development and career planning.

The report also features real- life accounts of the key challenges faced by a range of lawyers - from trainees to managing partners, and from sole practitioners to in-house legal advisors - providing you with insight into the common pitfalls and successes of those who have mastered time management and are currently using it to their advantage.


Chapter 1: Time management – Why bother?

Chapter 2: Start with your environment

Chapter 3: Planning

Chapter 4: How to prioritise

Chapter 5: The art of delegation

Chapter 6: Procrastination – The thief of time

Chapter 7: Managing communications and interruptions

Chapter 8: Proactivity versus reactivity

Chapter 9: Managing clients

Chapter 10: Networking and business development quick wins

Chapter 11: Managing pressure and stress

Chapter 12: Personal development and career planning

Chapter 13: Practical examples


Catrin Mills
Coach (stress and time management skills for the legal profession), The Lawyer Coach.

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