Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management

Successfully measure and demonstrate the ROI of your KM initiatives.

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  • Publication date: February, 2013
  • Pages: 85
  • ISBN: 9781908640819


Do you feel pressure to measure the ROI of your KM initiatives? If so, you’re not alone.

Demonstrating the true return on KM is a difficult task for many KM practitioners, but it is vital if you want to gain the buy-in and support needed to ensure your projects succeed.
Ark Group’s practical guide on Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management brings together the advice of leading KM consultants, along with real-world case studies and examples of what your peers are doing in order to help you meet this challenge.

  • Stephanie Barnes (KM consultant at Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting) presents the reasons for measuring the ROI of KM and discusses the various metrics to use;
  • Dr Nick Milton (director and co-founder of Knoco Ltd) details how BP Group have measured the ROI of KM and provides practical steps you should follow when measuring the ROI of your own KM pilot projects;
  • James Gunn (KM consultant at Tacit Connexions) discusses executive scepticism towards KM and how to overcome it through the use of tools such as the causal link diagram and cost of quality arguments;
  • Tim Hawley ­(associate director of Arup) gives detailed advice on building the business case for KM projects, including a structural checklist you can follow;
  • Dr Madanmohan Rao (KM author and consultant) details the impacts of KM on Singapore’s Government and public sector agencies;
  • Chris Boyd (senior director of professional services at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) and Jack Bostelman (president of KM/JD Consulting LLC) demonstrate how the financial impact of KM can be measured in law firms and other professional services firms;
  • Catherine Boissonnet ­(KM consultant at Vedalis) presents the concept of Return on Knowledge and the impact it can have in terms of innovation, productivity, and time and cost savings; and more...

Insightful case studies are also included from Ditte Kolbaek on the implementation of Proactive Reviews at Oracle, and Susan McIntyre on the measurement of public sector KM projects at Defence Research and Development Canada.

Find out how organisations around the world are successfully measuring and demonstrating the true value and ROI of their KM initiatives – and how you can do the same.


Chapter 1: Expert analysis 1: Return on investment and KM

Chapter 2: Expert analysis 2: Calculating return on investment from knowledge management pilot projects

Chapter 3: Expert analysis 3: Determining the ROI of knowledge management programmes

Chapter 4: Expert analysis 4: Justifying the investment in knowledge management

Chapter 5: Expert analysis 5: Showing the positive financial impact of KM in law firms

Chapter 6: Expert analysis 6: Assessing KM – The impacts in Singapore’s Government and public sector agencies

Chapter 7: Expert analysis 7: Return on Knowledge (ROK)™

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Stephanie A Barnes
Knowledge management consultant, Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting.
Dr Nick Milton
Director and co-founder, Knoco Ltd
Catherine Boissonnet
Knowledge management consultant, process and methodology department, VEDALIS.
Jack Bostelman
Jack Bostelman is president of KM/JD Consulting LLC in San Francisco, California, which advises law firm leaders on practice management, including knowledge management and other productivity improvements. Before founding KM/JD Consulting, Jack was a partner for over 20 years at pre-eminent AmLaw 20 firm Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City, where he had a nationally recognized transactional securities law practice and exercised management responsibilities.
Chris Boyd
Chris  Boyd  is  the  chief  operating  officer  of  Wilson  Sonsini  Goodrich  &  Rosati  in  Palo  Alto,  California.  Chris  leads  the  firm’s teams  that  handle  attorney  recruiting,  business  development,  diversity  and  inclusion,  human  resources,  knowledge management,  marketing,  practice  management,   professional   development,   research   and   information   services, and work allocation. These teams work with firm and practice leaders  to  implement  processes,  programs,  and  tools  that  support  the  firm’s business  goals  and  help  the  firm  deliver  more  value  to  clients.  Chris  has  an  undergraduate  degree  from  Princeton  University and  a  law degree from Stanford Law School.  Before joining Wilson Sonsini’s management  team,  he  worked  as  a  management consultant,  corporate  and securities lawyer, and technology company knowledge management leader.    He  is  a  member  of  the board  of  directors  of  the  International  Legal Technology Association and the board of trustees of the College of Law Practice Management.
Dr Kimiz Dalkir
Associate professor and coordinator of the knowledge management (KM) stream, School of Information Studies, McGill University.
James Gunn
KM consultant at Tacit Connexions
Tim Hawley
Associate director, Arup
Ditte Kolbaek
Consultant and founder of Proactive Review
Susan McIntyre
Senior manager, information and knowledge management for Defence Research and Development Canada
Dr Madanmohan Rao
Knowledge management author and consultant from Bangalore. Adjunct faculty, International School of Information Management.

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