The Naked Lawyer

A complete strategy and skills toolkit for brand, career and business development

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''If you’re wondering where to start in the quest for new business, or if you’ve ever questioned your own ability to be a better business developer, this book is for you.'' - Stephen Mayson, Director & Professor of Strategy at Legal Services Institute.

"Sassy, feisty, upbeat, risqué – required reading for all lawyers who want to re-invent themselves. Best of all is the guidance on brand-building, empathising with clients, nurturing relationships, and social networking." - Professor Richard Susskind

The Naked Lawyer gave me the inspiration and guidance to develop my client base particularly in creating an online presence in the form of LinkedIn and Twitter; which has directly added $500,000-$1,000,000 plus to my book of work over the last 9 months. Jeremy Kennedy, WHS Lawyer & Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers

‘’I'd highly recommend this book to any lawyer who is serious about thriving in the new connected world." - Steve Kuncewicz, Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Lawyer

Managing Partner in association with The Entrepreneur Lawyer present - the naked lawyer - a complete strategy and skills toolkit for brand, career and business development - providing valuable lessons in how to: 

  • Create a strategy and mindset for success; 
  • Devise an effective personal brand; 
  • Create a niche for yourself; 
  • Build and leverage your very own referral network; 
  • Use social media to build your brand; win business and enhance relationships with new and existing clients and referrers; 
  • Use a range of communication and behaviour techniques; 
  • Appreciate innovation, commercial savvy, business nous and the seduction of persuasion; and much much more... 

Packed with examples, case studies and ‘to do’s’ focusing on 10 key elements (with hundreds of proven successful steps, tips, hints and secrets) this inspirational book will show you how to get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success.

What's more...

The naked lawyer is CPD accredited!  "At last - great value CPD that means lawyers will learn something they need to know!" - Stephen Mayson, Legal Services Institute.


Chapter 1: RIP – announcing the ROAR model

Chapter 2: wakey wakey rise and shine

Chapter 3: slowly slowly catch a nichey

Chapter 4: getting under your skin

Chapter 5: raving referral lobsters rule

Chapter 6: social savvy junkie

Chapter 7: nurturing fuzz to get more buzz

Chapter 8: talking dirty to a saint when I’m a pure little devil

Chapter 9: touch, touch and touch me again

Chapter 10: continual stimulation

Chapter 11: yes! yes!! yes!!!

Chapter 12: XXX rated – tomorrow’s lawyer


Chrissie Lightfoot
Chrissie Lightfoot – Legal Futurist, CEO EntrepreneurLawyer Limited and CEO Robot Lawyer LISA. Chrissie Lightfoot is one of the World’s Top Female Futurists. She is a prominent international legal figure, entrepreneur, legal futurist, legaltech investor, writer, international keynote speaker, legal and business commentator (quoted periodically in The Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, Forbes, The Economist and CNN), solicitor (non-practising), Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Westminster School of Law (London,UK), and author of best-seller The Naked Lawyer and Tomorrow`s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful 2015 to 2045. Chrissie is also an Entrepreneur Mentor at Law Without Walls; featured in Time Magazine, The Financial Times and Forbes. She is CEO and founder of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd, a global consulting company, and as the visionary and creator of Robot Lawyer LISA - the world’s first impartial AI lawyer – is CEO and co-founder of AI Tech Support Ltd (trading as Robot Lawyer LISA). Since 2010 Chrissie has been asked to deliver a plethora of keynote speeches and attend many thought-leadership meetings around the world to a whole range of private, public, voluntary and charity organisations including The Royal Society (UK), Law Societies and Bar Associations, the UK Legal Services Board and Ministry of Defence with regard to new law, regulation, policy and strategies to be considered in light of the rise of AI, robots and machine learning in society and law. In 2013 she was honoured as `Legal Professional of the Year 2013` and a `Top 100 International Executive`. In 2017 Chrissie won the AI Legal Awards for best legal professional coaching company and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Enterprise Awards – billed as The Oscars for Technology Entrepreneurs – in the categories Woman Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise for Robot Lawyer LISA. That same year EntrepreneurLawyer was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneur Blogs on the web, Chrissie became an advisor to the board of The Telegraph’s Digital Enterprise Network, and she was listed as one of the Top 10 Lawyer’s turned Entrepreneur in Entrepreneur magazine. Earlier this year, Chrissie was named in the ABA (American Bar Association’s) Law Technology Resource Center's Women of Legal Tech 2018 list (a distinction reserved for 25 stand-out women throughout the world in tech and law) and Chrissie and her company, Robot Lawyer LISA, were named in the National Law Journal’s (USA and UK) Inaugural List of Legal AI Leaders (an exclusive list of 49 global entrepreneur/company trail-blazers). Chrissie was also a finalist in the English Women’s Awards for best Online Business 2018.; her written evidence submitted to the UK’s House of Lords Select Committee on AI, session 2017-2019, was quoted and published in the House of Lords AI Report, April 2018; and Chrissie was asked to join the Futurists, Business, Media, Legal, Robotics/AI, Space Settlement advisory boards at the Lifeboat Foundation, alongside Ray Kurzweil and Nobel Laureates Daniel Kahneman, Eric S. Maskin, Richard J. Roberts, Wole Soyinka and other leading thinkers and activists.

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