Online Legal Services for the Client-Centric Law Firm

This report reviews the different structures of online legal services and provides law firms with a practical strategy for developing and marketing online legal services while complying with various rules and regulatory changes.

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With increased competition from non-lawyer legal services companies, the demand for more competitive and diverse pricing models, and reductions in client’s legal budgets, the most innovative law firms have begun to recognise the need for online legal services.

These firms are realising that online delivery is not solely a way to increase revenue for their practice, but it is also a method of serving the public that meets a clear need for more cost effective delivery of legal assistance.

Managing Partner’s new report, Online Legal Services for the Client-Centric Law Firm, provides in-depth guidance on establishing, growing, and maintaining a clear and achievable strategy for successful online legal service delivery.

 This critical new guide will enable you to:

  • Implement online delivery services within existing law firm models
  • Analyse and identify services and practice areas to provide online
  • Select the appropriate technology and systems
  • Implement best practices in online delivery
  • Address customer service issues
  • Choose the right pricing models for online services
  • Create and develop effective marketing strategies for online services
  • Understand and manage best practices on ethical and malpractice issues

Online Legal Services for the Client-Centric Law Firm is packed with mini case studies detailing different online delivery models from a wide range of international firms including Burton Law, Jacoby & Meyers, Samuel Phillips, Epoq Legal, Brilliant Law, and Slater & Gordon.

Useful appendices are also included to assist you with the design, launch, and fine-tuning of your own online legal services. These include:

  • An outline business plan for law firm online legal services.
  • Sample provisions from a limited scope engagement letter.
  • Sample policies and procedures for a law firm delivering online legal services.

Online Legal Services for the Client-Centric Law Firm provides a solid background and starting point for delivering online legal services for the client-centric law firm.


Chapter 1: Why deliver services online?

Chapter 2: Managing online legal services

Chapter 3: Growth and development of the firm’s online legal services

Chapter 3: Growth and development of the firm’s online legal services

Chapter 4: Ethics and best practices

Chapter 5: Market forces and looking forward

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Stephanie Kimbro
Member of Burton Law LLC, a virtual law firm offering online unbundled and traditional full service representation in North Carolina, Ohio, and the District of Columbia.

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