The Visible Lawyer: How to Raise Your Profile and Generate Work

Lawyers today need to be more proactive in winning client work. To be successful in this, they need to think beyond ‘marketing’, ‘business development’ and ‘selling’, and instead strive to be more visible to their target clients.

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‘A must read for all lawyers wanting to maximise their business development and marketing impact in tough, competitive times.’

Lance Sapsford, Director of business development and marketing, London at Ince & Co

‘Doug really knows his stuff.’

John Seigal, Managing Partner at Clintons Solicitors

‘Get this book… let your confidence and effectiveness grow, and reap the rewards.’

Neil Cormack, Head of marketing and business development at Lupton Fawcett

‘A rewarding read.’

David Williams, Chairman of Geldards LLP


This book has visibility as its central theme. It will help you to establish where you need to be visible, how to achieve and maintain visibility with clients, and how to convert visibility into new work.

It shares a variety of tried-and-tested approaches to boosting visibility, so you can choose those that suit you best. Every suggestion is designed to be put into practice around fee earning responsibilities.


Features of this book:


  • Chapters on how to create visibility and stay visible to clients as well as referrers, how to effectively network to get the best results, and intelligent marketing advice that will aid you and your firm in being more visible.

  • Practical tips to manage your day-to-day marketing activities that can be implemented easily and without a huge requirement for time or budget.

  • Highly practical advice you can put into immediate action, including a series of mini-masterclasses with step-by-step guidance and various templates that can be adapted for your own use. 


Features of this book:

Part 1: The theory of visibility

  • Chapter 1: Where do you need to be visible?
  • Chapter 2: How do you achieve a consistency of visibility?

Part 2: Visibility in practice – How do you create visibility?

  • Chapter 3: ‘Intelligent marketing’ – Practical marketingactivities that really do create visibility.
  • Chapter 4: How to stay visible to what you’ve already got
  • Chapter 5: Don’t just stay visible to clients, stay visible to

  • Chapter 6: How do you create the visibility that wins new clients?

Part 3: Mini-masterclasses

  • Mini-masterclass 1: Networking
  • Mini-masterclass 2: Presenting
  • Mini-masterclass 3: Writing
  • Mini-masterclass 4: PR – Become an industry expert. 141
  • By Sharon Cain, managing director of Quest PR and former
  • BBC and Sky TV journalist
  • Mini-masterclass 5: Research

The final word: What gets measured gets done


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Douglas McPherson
Douglas McPherson Douglas McPherson has worked with professional services firms for over 20 years, first as head of sales and marketing for Intellectual Property Publishing, then as the commercial director of Lloyds of London’s Marine Intelligence Unit. Doug is now a director of Size 10½ Boots, a business development agency that works solely with professional services firms.   Size 10½ Boots works with law firms, patent and trade mark attorneys, chambers, and accountancy practices all over the UK. They deliver professional services in sales and marketing skills, strategic marketing advice, and tactical support, including training and personal coaching for professionals at all levels.